Dreams of a cyborg trapped in a drawing by Nasreen Mohamedi
Digital print, rust transfer, tea stain and gouache on paper; 8.27 X 11.7 inches each (9 images)

The trigger for these sets of drawings are two-fold. The first being the drawings of Nasreen Mohamedi, and the second a question - what could cyborgs dream of and what would these dreams be like? Within Mohamedi’s drawings, one sees how ideas of space are visualised, how time is impregnated within her meticulous work, and the role of her body.

I am fascinated by cyborgs as entities that are more than human, not human, or alien. A cyborg in a more traditional sense of the word would be a human that is fused with the machine, where the machine is not just a prosthetic but is very integral to her own sense of self. Remove the machine and the cyborg wouldn’t know who she is.

Dreams are spaces and experiences that are produced from the depths of how we are formed, who we are, what our fears and pleasures feel like, and much more. Dreams perhaps are also the most private experience that one has. With these thoughts, I was compelled to think of what a cyborg would dream about, how it would feel about its pleasures and fears, and how it looks at its own body.