Flubber, 2002 (After Flubber, 1997)
Digital Video and sound,  9min 14 sec, on loop

Flubber is a 1997 rom-com movie, a remake of The Absent-Minded Professor (1961), directed by Les Mayfield and starring Robin Williams. The section that I have taken from the movie is when Robin Williams is making Flubber at his basement cum lab. This section becomes ironic as a scientist is producing a material, which he does not have much control over and has human like qualities—Williams gives a strand of his hair into the solution that makes Flubber. The movie becomes relevant for me, as I had seen this during the 2002, Godhra riots, which was a state funded communal riot, where staying in Ahmedabad, I was affected. This memory resurfaced during the Dadri lynching episode(2015), where the university where I was studying in was a few miles away from Dadri and I used to go there almost every second day.

9 snapshots accompany the video from the same clip, where Flubber being green in color has changed to red and on the 10th sheet is a dua (prayer) for “ghar ki hifazat”(ayatul kursi)—the sheets being displayed on a light table.