It was high noon and I slept with the Sun (After Blade Runner, 1982)
Digital Video and Sound, 3minutes 40sec and 1 minute; loop time: 13min 06sec 


My impulse of making this video was to repurpose a sequence from Blade Runner 1982 by Ridley Scott. I was intrigued by the sequence where Roy (replicant) confronts Dr. Tyrell (Head of the company who manufactures these replicants), asking the doctor to extended his life (according to the plot the replicants are very human like. Their life is cut shot to 4 years in order to prevent any revolt from them). Youtube link to the sequence here. My intrigue was: an artificial being asking for more life; consequently what does it mean to ask for more life? Why are we plagued by this existential question and how does it address the time that we live in?

The second video is a found footage taken from the NASA archives. It captures solar flares and magnetic waves emitted from the sun for a period of a month, which has been compressed to a minute. The piece is played on two separate screens, which are placed keeping the back of the screens together.